My name is Danielle Spadinger & I’m a freelance graphic designer. I can be found working from my studio in Colorado which also is where I was born and raised.

I work on a variety of projects including brand development, brochure design, logos, trade shows booths, conference materials, posters, t-shirts designs, web design, and so much more.

I tend to have my two dogs by my side for 85% of my day. When I don’t have my two dogs by my side, it’s usually because I’m coaching gymnastics.

Clutter makes me cringe. I’ve been told that I have a Scandinavian design aesthetic.

I carry a Leuchtturm1917 notebook everywhere I go. 

how i ended up doing graphic design

I am a freelance graphic designer based out of Colorado. My adventure originally started off by heading to the western slope of Colorado to pursue a degree in Athletic Training but ended up changing schools and degrees. My two passions had always been athletics and art. I ended up taking huge leap and signed up for graphic design courses instead of more anatomy classes. I ended up completing my BFA at Metropolitan State University of Denver (Go Roadrunners, ask me why my school is called the Roadrunners and I will tell you the awesome story). As a side hustle, I’m a Director of a Recreational gymnastics program and coach a competitive Junior Olympic team. I enjoy sharing my passion for the sport with the next generation.

Why work with me?

I like keeping things simple and clean which carries over to my print and web design. I lean more on the print design side of graphic design, my love for strong and timeless typefaces mixed with handwritten or calligraphy styled fonts make me happy. I enjoy inspiration from older techniques like letterpress posters and calligraphy written invitations or notes. There is something about holding a physical piece of paper that someone poured their heart and soul into that makes me appreciate it so much more. Just like the older techniques; graphic design takes time and I want to put the time to pour my heart and soul into working with you.