Portfolio Highlights



We set out to create a series of reinvigorated product brochures for CoorsTek that would create a memorable, bold, and impactful statement, with a heavy focus on actual products. Large, clean, beautiful photography captures the breadth of materials capabilities for each product and material type, as well as the detail and precision with which CoorsTek manufactures its products.

Each brochure in the series opens with a single product or material family photo. The inside features highly detailed technical engineering data and additional information about the featured product. The back cover, which is universal, includes a map of CoorsTek locations, along with a brief overview of the company.



Additional samples of work done for CoorsTek, a large manufacturer of technical ceramics that serve virtually every industry and market segment in the world. I had focused on art direction, strategy, corporate identity systems, and production for print and web during my time with Coorstek. I also have additional experience in implementing the new brand standards across the company.

As a team, we redid the entire CoorsTek website, Our small but mighty design team isolated hundreds of images, created product brochures, data sheets, material safety data sheets and many legal documents. 


Working closely with my husband, we were inspired by the outdoor area that our wedding ceremony was going to be held. We wanted to have the use of florals for the spring flowers that would be blooming along Clear Creek in Golden. The colors we wanted to use the most were blush pink, navy blue, a hint of gold. I love simple yet classic typography mixed with calligraphy or a handwritten looking font. We are both big on keeping things simple and clean looking with a little bit of us. We landed on agreement that this was the perfect invitation for what we envisioned for our wedding.

Photography of Invitations by Lizzie + Marco


Mountain Gymnastics

A sample of freelance work done for Mountain Kids Gymnastics and Dance in Louisville, Colorado. A small family owned gym that is making a difference in the community. They share a passion for learning, life, and movement with their students and families. 


Denver Athletic Club

A sample of work done for The Denver Athletic Club, The DAC. The DAC’s brand is centered on a century old tradition, while still maintaining a modern and fresh approach. Projects that were completed for The DAC were a logo rebrand, quarterly newsletters, event programs, and external and internal marketing materials. The goal for The Denver Athletic Club (DAC) was to introduce a new clean and modern look to the community.



A logo for a yoga studio in Aruba, the community is full of a fun and vibrant culture that should be shown through the logo. I wanted to make the logo flexible to be different bright colors or a solid white logo on colorful apparel and other promo items in the yoga studio.



A brand logo design, beer label design, and packaging design for Noelck Brothers Brewing Company, two Iowa brother’s that are homebrewers in Colorado. They both enjoy adventurous outdoor activities like skiing down insane ski runs. We wanted to use clean and sharp typography with clever and quirky beer titles for brews. We decided on colors that would stand out but still be muted.



Mountain Contemporary Dance Arts (MCDA) is the dance studio at Mountain kids Gymnastics and Dance in Louisville. The Dance Director and I took a look at the classes taught at the studio and the types of dance movements and shapes that represented the classes offered. We looked at the movements and shapes that modern contemporary dancers make. I took the shapes and placed dance terminology into the dancer shapes create the illustration that we used for the Dance company for the year.  


Here is a sample of some additional work I have done for the MCDA in Louisville. 



A brand and product concept for a smart bag shopping system, CarryWell. The clients were looking for a sophisticated but hip look. This product is aimed at consumers who work to reduce the endless consumption of disposable bags and want to make an impact.